Rex on the Road

Videos while driving. Because you never know what might happen.

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Rex on the Bus with the Choir

In this episode, I'm on the road on a bus with the Cascade High School Choir. Bus rides with high school kids are always fun. You never know what might happen! We had a great time, and actually heard some wise words from the youth. Check it out.

Be Your Own Town

You are the best in town at what you do, because your 'town' is the circle of people who know you. Why would they go somewhere else when they know you can do that thing they need?

In this sunny episode I talk about how you can be the best in town. Just because other people have done what you'd like to do, and are even better than you, doesn't mean you can't do your thing and be the best among the people who know you. That's your town. Be the best in your town.

Rex on the Road with Michael and Syd

Join special guests Michael and Syd as we discuss lifeguarding, learning, and things that don't exist. Plus, we learn that you shouldn't distract the host because you never know what might happen out on the road!

You never know what might happen when you give someone a ride home. Sometimes intense conversations can be dangerous. See what happens in this episode.

Rex on the Road with a Special Guest

On this episode we have a special guest with a special message for some specific special people. (Watch 'til the very end.)

Guests are fun. You should give people rides. You never know what might happen.

Back on the road - What I Learned Today

I'm back on the road with a new video. Just sharing what I learned today at work. Nothing special.

Practice practice practice.

Unless you're just trying to produce videos.

Episode 7 - On the Road with Rex

How do you get people to do what you want? Watch this video and find out. (See, I'm doing it ;)

Marketing makes things happen.

Episode 6 - On the Road with Rex

Sometimes (or all the time) we need to ask, "Why?"

Episode 5 - Rex on the Road

"There's always a way. Our job is to find it." How to save the day with video.

Day 4 - On the Road with Rex

Meet awesome people (everyone is awesome.)

Day 3 - On the Road with Rex

Helping people is what makes the world go 'round.

Day 2 - There's always a backstory

Every interaction includes a backstory. Knowing this can help us have a better interaction.

Day 1

New commute, new video. Every day is Day 1. (Thanks to my friend Chris Brogan for the concept.)